Jonathan Todd Jackson Faced With Felonies For Trying To Extort Former BFF Kevin Hart Over Sex Tape

Jonathan Todd Jackson Faced With Felonies For Trying To Extort Former BFF Kevin Hart Over Sex Tape

That is such a messy situation!

That is Jonathan Todd Jackson? He ended up being mentioned within the new Netflix series that is limited Kevin Hart: do not F**k This Up. Also it did not take very long for fans to understand he was Hart’s previous BFF and attempted extortionist.

Issue on every person’s head is: exactly how did Kevin Hart’s previous friend that is best and co-star become his attempted extortionist? He appeared to get it all: a great job, close friends into the entertainment industry, solid connections, and the opportunity at actually having an excellent life. Just how — and why — did he blow it all?

Why don’t we have a look at that which we learn about Jonathan Todd Jackson.

1. Who’s Jonathan Todd Jackson? He is a star that has a fairly steady job.

Billing himself as “J.T. Jackson, ” Jonathan Todd Jackson had a performing job that ended up being pretty steady, just because it absolutely wasn’t a “career” that fundamentally will have led to superstardom. But Jackson had visitor roles on such programs as Future guy and S.W.A.T. He additionally just covered up filming their part within the movie, Get fortunate.

2. He had been person in Kevin Hart’s entourage.

Jackson first came across Hart in the group of the movie Think Like A man, and it also did not take very long for him to be a right element of Hart’s entourage. As an element of Hart’s entourage, Jackson additionally had “access” to many other a-listers, including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Marlon Wayans.

In reality, on their now-private Instagram page, he’d usually publish pictures utilizing the Rock, Wayans, and countless other a-listers.

3. Jackson very very first allegedly targeted Hart in September 2017.

In 2017, Hart took to Instagram to publish a video clip for which he admitted which he possessed a “lapse in judgment. September” Because he previously no curiosity about being extorted by “somebody. Though he had beenn’t clear about what that lapse in judgment ended up being, he explained which he arrived clean about this”

Hart don’t recognize his extortionist that is attempted the next arrest of Jackson proved it absolutely was him.

4. He desired ten dollars million.

After Hart posted the “apology” movie, it absolutely was revealed that their tried extortionist wanted $10 million to avoid a tape featuring Hart sex that is having model Montia Sabbag from going general public.

Jackson would later say he wished to “get paid” from the tape, and attempted to offer the video clip to celebrity blog sites (such as for example TMZ) when Hart declined to cover up. Hart’s then-girlfriend/now-wife, Eniko Parrish Hart, then went public on the Instagram tales to get her spouse.

5. Jackson was arrested in might 2018.

In-may 2018, Jackson had been arrested and faced with two felonies: tried extortion and extortion by threatening page. If convicted regarding the fees, Jackson faces as much as four years in county prison.

6. Kevin Hart tweeted which he ended up being “hurt” by Jackson’s actions.

At that time that Jackson attempted to extort Hart, the comedian took to Twitter expressing that their “mind ended up being blown” that this is taking place. He also stated he had been incredibly harmed by Jackson’s actions.

Hart’s extortion effort ended up being recently documented within the Netflix that is limited series Kevin Hart: Don’t F**k This Up. The docuseries, which centers around Hart’s profession to date touched dedicated to extortion beginning in the episode that is second and features Hart getting really personal about Jackson’s betrayal.

“to the there’s still a piece of me that’s like, ‘there’s no way, ‘” he said in the docuseries day. “You’re talking in a so-called structure exactly what I became in a position to simply just take from this had been exactly the same hurt that we caused, that each being my spouse, that exact same degree of discomfort arrived straight back for me. It sucks that just what occurred occurred, however now your vision is also more clear. “

He elaborated further on their incredulity that their buddy could betray him m in a tweet:

Mind blown. Hurt. At a missing for terms and just in complete disbelief right now. WOW

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